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Planning a memorable and affordable luxury getaway to Naivasha, Kenya? Look no further! Naivasha is a picturesque destination that offers stunning natural beauty and exciting activities. To help you make the most of your trip without breaking the bank, we have compiled a guide to finding the best hotel deals in Naivasha. Read on to discover insider tips and tricks that will unlock unbeatable discounts and ensure a remarkable stay.

Finding the Best Hotel Deals in Naivasha for an Affordable Getaway

Utilize Hotel Comparison Websites:

When searching for the best hotel deals in Naivasha, start by exploring popular hotel comparison websites. Platforms like, Expedia,, and TripAdvisor provide a convenient way to compare prices, read reviews, and uncover exclusive deals from various hotels in Naivasha. Take advantage of the filters and search options to find accommodations that match your preferences and budget.

Hotel Deals in Naivasha
Hotel Deals in Naivasha

Subscribe to Hotel Newsletters:

Stay in the loop by subscribing to newsletters or loyalty programs of hotels in Naivasha. By signing up, you gain access to exclusive deals and promotions that are often shared directly with subscribers. Keep an eye on your inbox for special offers, discounted rates, and package deals that can save you money on your Naivasha stay.

Visit Hotel Websites Directly:

In addition to using hotel comparison websites, consider visiting the websites of hotels in Naivasha directly. Sometimes, hotels offer special deals and discounts exclusively on their official websites. Take the time to explore their “Offers” or “Deals” section to find ongoing promotions, limited-time offers, or bundled packages that can provide excellent value for your money.

Flexibility with Dates:

If your travel dates are flexible, consider adjusting them to take advantage of off-peak seasons or midweek stays. During these periods, hotels in Naivasha may offer lower rates or promotional deals to attract guests. By being flexible, you can secure significant savings while still enjoying the beauty and attractions of Naivasha.

Contact the Hotel Directly:

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the hotels you are interested in directly. Contact them via phone or email and inquire about any current promotions, discounted rates, or exclusive packages they may have available. The hotel staff can provide you with personalized assistance and inform you of any unpublished deals, ensuring you receive the best possible offer.

Follow Hotels on Social Media:

Stay connected with hotels in Naivasha by following their social media accounts. Many hotels promote exclusive deals and last-minute offers through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. By staying updated on their posts, you’ll be among the first to know about special discounts or limited-time promotions that can make your Naivasha getaway even more affordable.

Consider Package Deals:

Take advantage of bundled packages offered by hotels in Naivasha. These packages often include accommodation, meals, activities, or spa treatments at a discounted rate. By opting for a package deal, you can enjoy a range of services while saving money compared to booking each component separately.

Group or Member Discounts:

If you’re traveling in a group or belong to specific organizations or clubs, inquire about group discounts or special rates for members. Hotels in Naivasha may offer attractive deals tailored to these circumstances. Make sure to mention your group or membership when booking to take advantage of any available discounts.

Naivasha beckons with its natural splendor and exciting adventures, and now, with our guide to finding the best hotel deals, you can experience it all without exceeding your budget. Take advantage of hotel comparison websites, subscribe to newsletters, visit hotel websites directly, and stay connected through social media to uncover exclusive discounts and promotions. Remember to be flexible with your dates and consider package deals or group discounts for added savings. With these tips, you’re well on your way to an affordable luxury getaway in Naivasha, where captivating experiences await at unbeatable prices.

List of Affordable Resorts In Naivasha

When seeking affordable resorts in Naivasha, Kenya, consider the following options that provide value for your money:

Lake Naivasha Sopa Resort:

Situated along the shores of Lake Naivasha, Lake Naivasha Sopa Resort offers comfortable and affordable accommodation. The resort features spacious rooms, a swimming pool, a restaurant, and beautiful views of the lake. With its serene atmosphere and proximity to attractions, it provides a budget-friendly option for a pleasant stay.

Naivasha Kongoni Lodge:

Nestled in a private wildlife sanctuary, Naivasha Kongoni Lodge offers affordable accommodation in a tranquil setting. The lodge provides comfortable rooms, a swimming pool, a restaurant, and nature walks within the sanctuary. Enjoy the rustic charm and serene surroundings while staying within a budget.

Crayfish Camp:

Crayfish Camp is a budget-friendly resort located on the shores of Lake Naivasha. It offers various accommodation options, including tents and cottages, at affordable rates. The camp provides basic amenities, a restaurant, boat rides, and outdoor activities, making it an ideal choice for budget-conscious travelers.

Fisherman’s Camp:

Fisherman’s Camp is another affordable resort located on the shores of Lake Naivasha. It offers camping facilities, self-catering bandas, and budget-friendly rooms. The camp provides access to the lake, boat rides, fishing, and outdoor activities, making it a popular choice for budget travelers and adventure seekers.

Taphe Guest Resort:

Taphe Guest Resort offers affordable accommodation in a serene environment. The resort features comfortable rooms, a swimming pool, a restaurant, and beautiful gardens. With its peaceful atmosphere and reasonable rates, it provides a budget-friendly option for a relaxing stay in Naivasha.

Buffalo Rest Lodge:

Buffalo Rest Lodge is a budget-friendly resort situated close to Lake Naivasha. It offers affordable rooms and self-catering cottages. The lodge provides a swimming pool, a restaurant, and activities such as bird watching and boat rides. Enjoy a peaceful stay amidst nature without breaking the bank.

Kiangazi House:

Kiangazi House is a budget-friendly lodge located in the Kedong Valley, near Naivasha. The lodge offers affordable rooms, a swimming pool, a restaurant, and lovely views of the surrounding landscapes. It provides a peaceful and budget-friendly retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the town.

What to Check Out When Booking Affordable Cottages in Naivasha

When booking affordable cottages in Naivasha, Kenya, consider the following factors to ensure a pleasant and enjoyable stay:


Check the location of the cottage and its proximity to the attractions you plan to visit in Naivasha. Whether you want to be close to Lake Naivasha, Hell’s Gate National Park, or other points of interest, choose a cottage that offers convenient access to your desired destinations.

Price and Value

Determine your budget and compare the prices of different cottages in Naivasha. Look for cottages that offer good value for your money, considering factors such as amenities, facilities, and the overall condition of the cottage.

Size and Capacity

Consider the size and capacity of the cottage to ensure it can comfortably accommodate your travel party. Check the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and living spaces to ensure everyone has enough space to relax and unwind.


Assess the amenities provided by the cottage. Look for essential features such as a fully equipped kitchen, comfortable beds, clean bathrooms, and a cozy living area. Additional amenities like Wi-Fi, television, outdoor seating, or a private garden can enhance your stay.


Safety and Security

Ensure that the cottage has proper safety measures in place. Look for features such as secure access, sufficient lighting, and reliable locks on doors and windows. If you’re booking through a rental platform, read reviews and verify the security measures taken by the property owner.

Guest Reviews and Ratings

Read guest reviews and ratings for the cottage you are considering. These insights can provide valuable information about the overall experience, cleanliness, customer service, and any issues that previous guests may have encountered.

Flexibility in Booking

Check the cancellation policy and booking flexibility offered by the cottage. It’s beneficial to have the option to modify or cancel your reservation if needed, especially if your travel plans are subject to change.

Nearby Facilities and Services

Consider the availability of nearby facilities and services. Check if there are grocery stores, restaurants, pharmacies, or recreational activities within a reasonable distance from the cottage. This can ensure convenience during your stay.

Interaction with Host or Property Manager

If you’re booking through a rental platform, read about the interaction with the host or property manager. Prompt and helpful communication can make a difference in addressing any concerns or inquiries you may have during your stay.

Authentic Reviews and Recommendations: Look for authentic reviews and recommendations from reliable sources such as travel forums or reputable booking platforms. These sources can provide unbiased opinions and insights from other travelers who have stayed in the cottages you are considering.

List of Cottages in Naivasha

  1. Yellow Green Cottages
  2. Naivasha Cottages
  3. Kiangazi House
  4. Karagita Cottages
  5. Kongoni Lodge Cottages
  6. Loldia House
  7. Deloraine House
  8. Buffalo Rest Lodge
  9. Elsamere Conservation Center and Cottages
  10. Malewa Bush Ventures Cottages

Differences Between Resorts and Cottages

Resorts and cottages are both popular options for accommodation, but they differ in several ways. Here are some key differences between resorts and cottages:

Size and Capacity:

Resorts are typically larger establishments with multiple buildings or wings, offering a range of rooms, suites, and sometimes villas. They can accommodate a larger number of guests, from individuals to families or even large groups. Cottages, on the other hand, are usually smaller standalone units that provide more intimate and private accommodations. They are often designed to house smaller groups or families and offer a cozier atmosphere.

Amenities and Facilities:

Resorts are known for their extensive amenities and facilities, which may include swimming pools, restaurants, bars, spa and wellness centers, fitness facilities, recreational activities, and entertainment options. Resorts aim to provide all-inclusive experiences, catering to various needs and preferences. Cottages, on the other hand, typically offer more basic amenities. While they may include essential features such as a kitchen, living area, and bedrooms, they generally don’t provide the same extensive range of facilities found in resorts.

Services and Staff:

Resorts usually have a larger staff to cater to guests’ needs, including concierge services, housekeeping, room service, and organized activities. They strive to provide personalized service and ensure guests have a hassle-free stay. Cottages often operate on a self-catering or limited-service basis. While some cottages may have staff available for check-in/check-out or basic maintenance, the level of service is generally more minimal compared to resorts.

Atmosphere and Ambience:

Resorts often create a vibrant and lively atmosphere, with communal spaces where guests can socialize and interact. They may have scheduled entertainment, themed events, or live performances to enhance the guest experience. Cottages, on the other hand, offer a more secluded and private setting, often nestled in nature or quieter locations. They provide a relaxed and intimate atmosphere, allowing guests to enjoy privacy and tranquility.


Due to their range of amenities and services, resorts tend to be pricier compared to cottages. Resorts offer a higher level of convenience, luxury, and access to various facilities and activities, which is reflected in their rates. Cottages, on the other hand, are generally more budget-friendly, as they provide a more basic and self-sufficient accommodation option.

Duration of Stay:

Resorts are well-suited for both short and long stays, as they offer a wide range of services and amenities to keep guests entertained throughout their visit. Cottages are often preferred for longer stays or for those seeking a home-away-from-home experience. They are ideal for guests who want to have their own space and flexibility during an extended vacation.

Ultimately, the choice between a resort and a cottage depends on personal preferences, budget, desired level of services and amenities, and the type of experience you seek during your stay. Resorts offer a more comprehensive and inclusive experience, while cottages provide a more intimate and self-sufficient setting.













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